Aroused by Smells

Q: During lovemaking I get turned on by smells but they don't seem to affect my partner at all. I feel like this is a vital part of the whole experience. Is there anything I can do to increase smell sensitivity?

A: Everyone has a different level of olfaction sensitivity. Still, increasing your partner's is definitely something you can work on. To help you do so, try using the following three suggestions:

Massage with Oil: The combination of massage and scented oils heighten arousal.

Take Advantage of Pheromones: Pheromones are also called 'human sex hormones.' They are odorless chemicals the body releases that can sexually excite a partner when inhaled through the nose. They are secreted through the skin and especially in areas known for sweating arm pits and genitals. To only way to get your partner to breathe your pheromones is to get close!

Deprive the Other Senses: Naturally, when one of the five senses is blocked, it causes the other senses to become stronger. To increase your partner's sense of smell, try blocking out all senses except for that one.

by Nancy Fagan, M.S.


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