Couples Sex Toy Party?  The Do's and Don'ts

For many years women have enjoyed each others company at social buying parties for Kitchenware, Candles, Clothing (including Lingerie) and of course, Sex Toys!  There is a growing popularity for not just women, but couples to attend these Sex Toy parties.  Whenever you combine talk of sex, sex toys and both women and men are present there is a potential for disaster.  There are, however, some golden rules to follow so that your lover isn't embarrassed around other men or women who are attending the party.  Remember, you may or may not know the other couples there and you should respect their privacy.  Couples Sex Toy parties tend to allow individuals to release their feelings and emotions in a group setting and this is especially true for men who may boast in their sexual prow ness or brag about their women.  Follow these rules and at the end of the party you'll be so charged up from all the Sex Toy talk you'll be ready to get into bed as soon as you get home.  Don't follow these rules if you want to put yourself at risk of sleeping in a separate bed.

1.) Discuss ahead of time, what is OK and what isn't OK to say about yourself and your partner.  She may not want you commenting her Breasts or sounds she makes during lovemaking.  He may not want you commenting on his penis size or how "cute" his butt is.  These are all potential conversations because you'll be passing around products that resemble sexual organs.  If in doubt only comment on what you've heard about anonymous couples or individuals who use a particular product, but feel free to whisper in your partners ear what your really thinking.

2.) Bring along a pad and paper to write down what you may want to purchase and let the Sex Toy Expert in advance know that you would rather place you order in private.  You may not want anyone else in the room to know your buying a harness because your man likes the feeling of anal penetration.

3.) A Sex Toy party is for you as a Couple, not a pick up bar for those of you who enjoy multiple partners.  It's uncouth to use this as a venue, unless you already know that everyone there is open to multiple partners and swinging or these activities have already been pre-planned.

4.) Never ask a another couple about their experiences, especially with someone you just met.  However, if you and your partner are comfortable expressing your views on certain products and how they've intensified your lovemaking then feel free to.  If in doubt on how the group may respond ask for their permission to share an experience in advance.

In the end you want the experience of going to a Couples Sex Toy party to enrich your lives not create an argument.

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