First Time Sex Toy Buyer

If your are shopping for your first Sex Toy then the Internet is great place to start.  There is a tremendous amount of information and variety here on "Couples Best Friend" and on other websites.  It also enables you to purchase products in a safe, secure and remain anonymous.  Toys from "Couples Best Friend" are also shipped in Plain Paper Packaging to ensure your privacy as many other retailers do the same.

Our recommendation for a first Sex Toy is based on three variables.

1.) Will it be used by yourself or with someone else?

If you plan on using the toy by yourself you can be choosy but, if you plan to use it with a partner you might want to get their input.


2.) How sensitive is your clitoris or penis?

Individuals who have very sensitive sex organs may become overly sensitive to Toys that have various multi-speed vibrators.  If it doesn't feel good it's a waste of money.


3.) Do you have any medical conditions that would inhibit the use of certain toys?

If you have a heart condition or allergies you may not be able to enjoy certain Sex Toys.  Please consult you physician if you feel you may be affected in these ways.

Overall your first toy should be simple and be used to see what types of sensations you enjoy and be versatile enough to be used in many ways.  because of this we recommend a soft and supple dildo that also has some vibrating qualities to it too.  This gives you the best of both worlds. 

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