She's Scared and He's Intimidated

Including Sex Toys in your lovemaking can be a great thing, however, it shouldn't be a surprise for your partner.  Effective communication and including you partner in this new discovery should be essential.

There are three typical emotions that one might experience when they are approached with the idea of using sex toys during lovemaking.

1.) Excitement - Lets do it!  Great, decide together what toy you would both like to use and are comfortable with and have fun!

2.) Fear - Will it hurt me, will I like it?  Sex Toys will not hurt you unless they are used incorrectly or are used in ways not recommended by the manufacturer.

3.) Intimidation - Does he/she want the toy more than me?  If this answer is Yes, then the bigger question you may need to ask yourself is why am I with this person or are they using me?

All these emotions are normal, but with effective communication and being sensitive to the needs of your partner they will be easy to overcome.  You want to approach the use of Sex Toys with as much respect and love as the first time you told your partner "I Love You".  If you keep this in mind you'll find that your partner will be receptive to discussing the use of Sex Toys.  In the end you partner may or may not be open to using Sex Toys, but you don't want it to become an issue in your relationship.  If it is a major issue then it may be pointing to a larger issue of "Are You Right for Each Other".

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