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That's right folks, the dog isn't man's best friend.  Men tend to exaggerate many things in their life like, " fish was this big..." and "...I'm a stud, because I went all night..".  For most men the thought of going all night can be intimidating, scary and to some just down right crazy.  In fact, only a small portion of men have ever done such a thing.  So how's a man to last and to enjoy himself all night?  That's right, his best friend the SEX TOY.

An average man needs anywhere from 5 minutes to multiple days to naturally attain a erection after ejaculation depending on his age, healthiness and genetic makeup.  I say naturally because of all the prescription medications now available on the market like Viagra and Levitra.  To aide a man in his "conquest" he can use Sex Toys during his down time to keep the mood going.  Other options include showering together or doing other things in the buff.  Going all night doesn't mean intercourse all night.  In fact, the healthier attitude should be to think of being intimate all night and that gives you many more options.

Even if your not trying to make it all night, but you give out before she does trust in the fact that "man's best friend" is and can be at your side.  That is, of course, if she's willing.  There's never a reason to force the issue if she's satisfied.  Remember men, some women don't need to reach orgasm to be completely satisfied.

So the next time you need to go "all night" or just don't have that staying power rely on your best friend to get you out of a jamb.

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