Spices with Perking Power

People throughout history swear by the power of aphrodisiacs for boosting the sex drive or to cure sexual problems. In recent years studies have added credibility to these claims.

By using the spices listed below, you'll never have to worry about the latest sexual interest or dysfunction. Just a dash in your favorite food is all you need to do the trick.



Low sexual desire

Cloves, pepper, vanilla, salt, ginger


Cardamon or garlic

Premature ejaculation


Weak climax


Low sexual sensitivity


In case you are wondering how long you have to wait before it takes effect, it's quick. As a matter of fact, remember what your mom used to tell you about eating and swimming-"Wait 20 minutes before you go in the water." That rule applies here too...in a different context.

by Nancy Fagan, M.S.


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