Types of Sex Toys?

There are eight broad categories of sex toys are they are:

Vibrators - Vibrators come in many shapes and sizes and typically categorized by having some time of motor or vibrating device.  They may be shaped to be long and slender or short and stocky.  Some are shaped like the Human Tongue.  Some are soft and supple and others are made from hard plastics or even acrylics and glass.  You have wired and wireless, multi-speed and single speed and even multiple types of vibrations; see Passion Pearl.  Some are waterproof and can be used in the tub or shower.  There are even Breast Vibrators now!  There are literally thousands of combinations.  Overall their purpose is to provide a vibrating effect and are primarily used by women whose clitoris need lots of stimulation in order to achieve orgasm.

Dildos - Dildos also come in many shapes and sizes, long, thin, short, stocky, hard, soft, but for the most part lack the key element of vibration.  Some Dildos, however, can also be known as Vibrating Dildos if they include a vibration function.  Dildos were originally modeled after human (and even animal) phallic and were equivalent in overall dimension and shape.  Being bored of the same old thing many new shapes, sizes and materials are now being used.  New polymers and plastics have even created skin-like dildos that are realistic to the touch.  Dildos are primarily used by women, but men (and women alike) also use them to stimulate the prostate and anal nerves.  Two men, two women or a man and woman can also use a double dildo; a dildo with two heads.  As you can see there are many types of dildos to be used an enjoyed by many types of individuals.

Anal Toys - Anal Toys are primarily designed to be used to stimulate the anal areas and are designed to fit comfortably and have safeguards to keep them from going all the way in and getting stuck (not good).  There are vibrating and non-vibrating anal toys and can be shaped like a phallic or similar to beads or round balls on a rope.  Other terms to describe Anal Toys are Butt Plugs and Anal Beads.  It is recommended and encouraged that you use a lubricant with all Anal Toys.  The anus is not naturally lubricated and can be damaged if toys are forced in.  These are trusted brands of lubricants that can be found at most of your local drug stores.  KY  Astroglide

Men's Toys - Men's toys include Cock Sleeves, Men's Masturbators, and Sex Dolls.  Luckily men seem to have an edge on the ability to reach orgasm quicker.  This reason and the fact that it's not considered "manly" in our society to have sex toys that more products aren't available.  There does seem to be a growing popularity among men to have or include sex toys in their lovemaking so look out! 

Harnesses - Harnesses are devices that enable a man or a woman to attach a vibrator or dildo artificially to the pelvis region.  Primarily used by women on women or on men it is one of the most taboo sex toys on the market.

Lubricants - Couples Best Friend recommends lubricants as a must have when using sex toys.  Lubricants can have warming sensations or even dull sensations when trying anal penetration for the first time.  Some even have have spermacides.  Overall they enhance the body's natural lubricating abilities and can prolong lovemaking and masturbation.

Accessories - Accessories include blindfolds to increase the other senses, handcuffs for BDSM (see What is BDSM) and feathers for tickling.  Just about any object can be considered an accessories as long as you use common sense when using it as a Sex Toy.

"Safe-Sex" Supplies - These include condoms, spermacides and other devices to aid in preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases or prevent pregnancies.


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