Ready for Introductions?

So you have your new Sex Toy and your ready to use it the first time.  What's next?  This may be your first toy or you tenth, but getting to know you toy is fun no matter how many you have.  Here at "Couples Best Friend" we recommend you use your Sex Toy by yourself the first time so that you can become familiar with how it works and what feels best for you.  This will enable you to better communicate how your partner can use it with you.  Follow these steps for a successful introduction.

1.) Read any and all instructions that came with your new Sex Toy.

2.) If your Sex Toy uses batteries make sure to get the appropriate size and install according to the directions and diagrams.

3.) We recommend the use of a Sex Toy and Water Based Lubricant to aid in the exploration of your Sex Toy.

4.) Before use inspect and make sure the Sex Toy is not defective and is working correctly.

5.) "Lube up" yourself and the toy and enjoy!  See what works and what doesn't and overall just enjoy yourself!

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