What are Sex Toys?

Sex Toys can easily be defined by looking at both of the words that make up the phrase or term.  "Sex" in this case refers to the act of sexual intercourse and "Toys" refers to an artifact designed to be played with.  Combine them and the term is described as an artifact designed to be played with in the act of sexual intercourse. 

Based on this definition just about anything could be used as a Sex Toy, but for safety and health considerations we ask and encourage you to not use artifacts that aren't designed to be used in this manner.  We've all heard the rumors about "mice and men" and "toilet scrub brushes" so please don't subject yourself a trip to the emergency room for any of these reasons.

If in doubt, you always have what mother nature gave you and for about 99.999999% of us this (our fingers and hands, depending on the sex) were our first and are most reliable Sex Toy.

Not sure about all the different Sex Toys?  Click below for more information.

What Types of Sex Toys are There? - This article discusses the various types of   Sex Toys and discusses the differences between them.


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