Who Comes First? - The Toy or Your Partner

OK, so the title of this article seems a bit bizarre when you think about who holds more importance in your relationship, however, many a couple have faced this issue when using sex toys as a sexual aide.

The correct answer to whom comes first should always be YOUR PARTNER, no matter the situation.  However, there is one situation where the toy does come first, but really second when you view it like this.  During masturbation it's all about you making yourself feel good so you come first.  The toy then comes second, but don't worry, your toys don't have feelings and won't be hurt... emotionally that is.

OK, so what happens if you feel your partner is giving the toy more play than you?  The best thing to do is to collect your thoughts and calmly tell your partner your feelings.  Honesty and respect will always lead to a healthy resolution.

Many Men and Women enjoy having there alone time in the bedroom and that's a sign of a healthy relationship, however, there are many ways to be involved with your partner where they also have their play time, either by themselves or with you.

1.) Be a voyeur only - Watching, but not touching or not being allowed to touch can be a very erotic thing.

2.) Who's in control? - Ask that your partner be the one who uses the toy on you.  This can help your partner to better learn your needs too.

3.) A naughty video - Videotape yourself using the toy and give it to your partner as their own personalized porno so they can enjoy themselves.

4.) Mutual Masturbation - Have a Sex Toy only session in which you both enjoy your toys separately, but together.

Remember, the Sex Toy is always the addition not the replacement.  So enjoy yourselves and focus your feelings on your partner.

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