Why Romance is Important

Q: Iíve never been a romantic kind of guy and Iím tired of my girlfriend get angry with me because Iím not. Is it possible to be romantic when I donít see the value in it?

A: People ask me all the time why romance is important. Itís important because itís the only way to show your partner you care. It is not about the cost of a gift or the magnitude of a gesture, but expressing your love to your partner on a regular basis.

The secret to being romantic is two-fold. You need to have both desire and opportunity. When you have desire, you will create the opportunity for romance. If you donít, your relationship will die.

Part of learning how to keep a relationship happy is to learn to identify early warning signs of trouble. This way, you and your partner can repair the damage before the problem becomes worse.

In romantic relationships, one of the first signs of trouble is a decrease in romance. This does not mean that once romance begins to wane, your relationship is on the rocks. It simply is gauge for you to keep your eye on. If you notice definite cutbacks in romance, let it be a signal that you need to add more romantic gestures to your relationship. Increasing romance will create a surge of positive energy in the relationship.

by Nancy Fagan, M.S.


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